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This example is very simple, but we're still very proud of it. Reed Visual was asked to create an animated advertisement for a recent Toys For Tots annual Christmas drive. The reason we're so proud of it is because the request also had a number of very specific, almost contradictory parameters. But we feel we fulfilled them all quickly, effectively, and elegantly.

The ad ran in big casinos and was intended to target big winners in such a way that they would be motivated to share some of their newly found riches with childern. But it had to be short and to the point so that people who were already distracted by the myriad of other sights and sounds didn't have time to lose interest. Moreover, the ad had to remain light-hearted- after all, it's for kids- yet still be compelling and compatible with the hectic and intense casino atmosphere.

We're more than pleased to announce that when the drive concluded we were informed that our work had succeeded better than expected. Please take a look and judge for yourself! (Note: This example is from Youtube, so please disregard any distractions they may have seen fit to tack on.)
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